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Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, and now thriving in Los Angeles as a seasoned Brand Strategist, my career is a blend of strategic foresight and creative passion. From my initial steps in graphic design to diving deep into the world of brand strategy, I've navigated the complex landscapes of both global and national campaigns at BBDO (Omnicom), The Salon (IPG), and Campbell Ewald (IPG). This journey has been instrumental in shaping my unique blend of strategic thinking and creative flair.

Early days in graphic design laid the groundwork for my approach: combining visual storytelling with deep human insights. This foundation has been crucial in my evolution into a brand strategist, where I've honed my ability to understand diverse audiences through an empathetic lens.

Photography, a parallel passion, enriches my work, allowing me to capture life’s nuances and inform my strategies with genuine human connections. Whether through digital street scenes or medium format landscapes, my camera is an extension of my strategic mind, seeking stories that resonate.

At the heart of my work is a commitment to crafting narratives that bring relevancy for brands with their communities, driven by empathy and a keen objective POV. My journey reflects a dedication to uncovering the stories that matter, leveraging both my professional and creative skills to spark meaningful engagements.

If you're intrigued by a strategic approach enriched by creative insight, let’s connect. I’m all for exploring new collaborations or just sharing thoughts on the transformative power of storytelling. Check out my resume here for a closer look at what I bring to the table.


For additional info and inquiries, feel free to email me.

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